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can anybody recommend a really, really, really, really silent desktop fan - I’ve got a small one from Vornado which puts out a nice little breeze but a lot of engine noise -



I’ve heard the Black+Blum Propello is a really nice and nearly completely silent fan. It is cageless, but the blades are made out of soft rubber so there is no danger of getting hurt.

I have a small usb-powered oscillating fan I bought from Works well in my 5’x7’ office.

:open_mouth: Gawdluvy!! thats worse than Harry Potter under the stairs! :frowning:

It’s lovely. I’m surrounded on all four sides by books and it has the coveted northern light.

“…coveted northern light” :confused: [size=200]?[/size]
Yavent got yre own borealis ave y`? :open_mouth:

No, just some blue led xmas lights… and a mini plasma ball. :mrgreen: