really slow loading and not compiling not printing to pdf

I have a completed novel and I’m trying to export to e-book. I have done this before and never had any problems with my Scriv before, I have version and checked for updates but I’m up to date.

I have tried to complile out twice now and the first time it created a blank word document and the second it did not complete the action, froze and I had to close the application.

The whole document is really slow to load and moving from one chapter or scene to another is really slow and sometimes load in half, down middle, hang and then finally completely load.

I then tried to print the book to pdf and Scriv just crashed. And its doing that everytime I try.

Any idea’s what’s gone wrong?

Also, just logged into my laptop and my Scrivener on there reverted to a trial, was OK once I put my licence in but wondered if this was linked to issues I’m having on my PC

When I first opened both PC and Laptop version they couldn’t find any of the save files I had, I had to manually go search for them and open them. They wouldn’t even load from the ‘most recent’ tab.