Rearranging files while viewing whole document


Can anyone tell me how (if even possible) to rearrange files while still viewing my whole document, in Scrivener 2? I like writing in scrivenings mode, so that I can see my full text. But while working I often start moving the files around (using the binder). When doing so, the program automatically change into viewing only the file that I have moved – not the whole document/group.

What I want to do is continue viewing the whole group of files (so that I can see all of the text), in the same time that I rearrange singular files within that group.

It seems to me it should be very basic, but I’ve been unable to find how to do it. Does anyone know?


All you need to do is lock the editor - available via the View menu or using the shortcut Opt-Cmd-L. When you do this, the header bar of the editor turns pink to indicate it is locked. While locked, clicks in the binder do not affect the editor.

All the best,

So it was that easy … Thank you!