'rebuilding search index' popup on start ?


It may be absolutely noting but for the first time I have ever noticed in a year of using Scrivener, a small popup appeared when I started Scrivener today. It only stayed for a second or so and said something about ‘rebuilding search indexes’

Is this something significant ? a sign of file problems ?

Did it close fully/properly when previously used?


It certainly seemed to. I saw nothing late last night when I closed it down to be suspicious. And it looks ok so far.

Out of the blue today, Scrivener V2.8 opened OK on my Mac OSX 10.10.1 as usual, but when I tried to load my manuscript it failed and flashed a message: “Loading. Rebuilding indexes. Please wait. Looking for changed files.”

After 20 minutes It never did load, spinning ball kept on - when I hit force quit it showed Scrivener not responding.

I rebooted, made a test document and was able to open it.
But still could not open my manuscript.

saoir: I wouldn’t worry about it too much. There are a few conditions that can trigger a rebuild, it errs on the side of rebuilding if anything looks suspicious. If this project is being synced by something like Dropbox, you might be overlapping sessions accidentally. Make sure the status spinner is off, no activity, when shutting down the computer or loading your project.

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