Rebuilding Search Indexes + failing to make backups

Dear Keith

Hope I’m posting in the right place. Did this only once before a long time ago.

I’m having the same problem I had a while back; Scrivener is rebuilding the indexes every time it starts and is also unable to make backups. The last time this happened, it seemed to resolve itself before I had to do anything. This time, I’m not so lucky.

I’ve checked that the backup location still exists. I’ve run onyx, including the permissions scan.

Any thoughts?

All best

Z (of Yaddo)


I tried something else. Made a copy of the file and all problems now gone.

I’ve done it once before, a couple of years ago, the same query.

See you in a couple of years.

Thanks for the great software.


It occurs to me that for anyone who searches the same issue in this forum I should give a little more detail.

While I had the project open, I made a copy of the project in the Finder window, then opened that, at which point Scrivener said that it detected that I was trying to open a project that was a copy of an existing project and asked me if I wanted to (cause it to) make a new copy. I clicked yes. Then I quit Scrivener. Went into the finder window, deleted all copies except for the most recent, newly Scrivener-created copy and launched that.

Of course, I had copy-paste backups set aside before doing this.

Anyhow. It worked.