Rebuilding search indexes locks up my Scrivener program

I haven’t used Scrivener for almost a year and tried to open it today but cannot get it to open. I have to force quit.
Is there a newer version perhaps? My version is dated Dec 13, 2019. I cannot open Scrivener to see the version I have.
Is there another fix to the rebuilding index problem?

Try updating to 3.2.2 … s?os=macOS

I upgraded to 3.2.2 and the Scrivener program will not open. The little icon bounces for a long time. When I right-click on the icon, I have the option to ‘force quit’. When I go to where my .scriv files are and click on one of them I am told the file is already open. I can make a copy but that doesn’t open either. I rebooted my system and I have the same problems.

Personally, I would uninstall Scrivener, cold boot the Mac, and then reinstall Scrivener from a new download.

If the problem persisted, I would open a ticket with the tech-support team.