Hi Team!

I want to update to the scrivener 3.0 (our mac is compatible as we have high sierra 10.13, etc)
We have downloaded the trial to upgrade and we have our serial number.
But when we downloaded the free trial to upgrade our existing scrivener, we have to input an activation code that we do not have.

Please see attachment for 2nd problem: the website to get our activation code does not exist! :neutral_face:

Since we received scrivener as a gift years ago, what can we do to fix this and have scrivener 3.0?


To be clear, the gift code you got previously… was it for version 2? If so, you have to pay to upgrade to version 3. Most major revisions require an upgrade fee, but it’s discounted if you can retrieve the older license key. The support email for Literature and Latte can help you track down that key by the email associated with its registration.

It looks like you’ve got an outdated copy of version 2 installed, which is trying to activate with our previous service. You can download a compatible version of 2.9 from our legacy downloads page, which should be able to activate with the serial number you have.

However, if you’re ultimately wanting 3,0, that is a separate download in any case, not something that you would upgrade from within an existing installation of 2.x. As Robert said, 3.0 is a paid upgrade from 2.x, but there is a discount available (and potentially a free upgrade depending when your friends bought the previous license). All you’ll need for that is the email and 2.x serial number that you have now.

You’ll find instructions here for that process.