Recent Backup Issue: Multiple Backup Files

I’m a huge fan of Scrivener (it saved me from writer’s block on one of my books) and have used the program without any problem for years. I’ve also convinced at least 5 people to get the program for themselves… Thanks so much for making a great program for writers!

Now I’ve run into my first real technical issue. It seems that since January, Scrivener has started making multiple zip backup files of my projects, giving each one a new number (e.g. I now have 17 backups of one project that I open weekly, 14 backups of another, etc. Up until now, I believe my projects backed up into one backup file: ProjectName Backup.scriv

A couple days ago, I went into the preferences and told it to only save the last five backups, but it still makes a new backup file every time I work on a project. What do I do?

I am working on a Macbook Pro, OS X Yosemite.

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Are your live project and your backups in the same folder? If so, move one of them.

If you open a project from the backup folder, Scrivener will ignore the “keep x backups” setting. This is to help with data recovery: we don’t want to overwrite a potentially good backup with a potentially bad copy of the project.

Also, the Project Name Backup.scriv file was probably created when you updated the project format to version 2.7 of Scrivener. If so, it is completely independent of Scrivener’s automatic backups.


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huh?! So you’re saying when Scrivener automatically creates these backup.scriv files we have to go in each time and move them to another folder for some reason?

No, I’m saying you shouldn’t put the backups in the same folder as the live project.

If you did, then you should move them and change the backup setting so that future backups will go somewhere else.