Recent Project not opening

When I click on open recents the required folder doesn’t open.
Locating the file in Finder and clicking won’t open it either.
Clicking on Show Package Contents reveals the Data is still there but upon checking I just get the spinning wheel
Other projects from the Open Recents will open and I can create a new project.
Any ideas

Almost all “stuck project” problems can be resolved by clearing its display settings file.

Thanks for that.
I’m sure you are right but the file won’t compress; it’s stuck on Compressing"filename" Estimating time remaining and has been for a couple of hours.
I have also tried recovering from backup and Time Machine but to no avail.
Could I try just (saving then )deleting the ui.plist in the Settings folder.
I really don’t want to lose this project.

If it is taking hours for Finder to compress your project folder then that might be explain some things. If it’s so large that it takes hours to zip it, then it may actually be taking that long to really open it, particularly if you have Scrivener set up to back up the project when you open it (which will be doing precisely the same thing as zipping it in Finder). And even if it’s not trying to do that, if for some reason it’s rebuilding indexes and there are multiple many gigabytes of documents with text to index, it could take a while.

Could I try just (saving then )deleting the ui.plist in the Settings folder.

Absolutely, just drag it some place else outside of the project, but given the above it may not be a crash or hang anyway.

If it’s that huge without an apparent reason, it’s possible that you might have inadvertently saved something else inside of it, too. For instance, I once helped a user who accidentally saved their entire photo library into a project. Something to watch for when you look for the ui.plist file.

Oh, ok, thanks for that. It shows 400Mb so as you say that’s probably it.
Thanks for the prompt reply.

I guess it must have been a Finder thing.
Decided to shut down and restart; everything tickety boo!
Thanks for the help and seasons greetings…

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