Recent project won't open, but...

If I open Scrivener, select Open Existing Project, click on the project.scrivx, click Open, there’s a pause and then a blank screen appears briefly with the full path in the title bar, before disappearing completely.

If, however, I go to Explorer and click project.scrivx, it opens correctly.

As no one else has responded, I’ll take a shot…

Is this when you do a File > New > Open Existing Project?

Do you experience the same problem if you do File > Open?

How about in File > Recent Projects?

You might also take a look at this thread.

Post back and let folks know how it goes.

Hope that is some help.

When I click the shortcut, it takes me to a New Project window, where the templates are listed on the left, a blank document is in a panel to the right, and arrayed across the bottom are five buttons, one of which is Open Existing Project. Normally that’s sufficient, but one document refuses to open this way.

If I try Open Recent, I get the same problem. There is a half-minute delay before the empty screen appears, and then Scrivener closes almost immediately.

The scrivx file opens only when I select it directly from Explorer.

There would seem to be an error with the file set for that project, as the title bar shows the correct file location. However, I don’t understand why loading the project from Explorer should make a difference.

Nothing really obvious leaps out at me. Best I can offer are the following guesses/suggestions…

  • Something wrong with Scrivener itself. Uninstall, re-download (to assure good fresh copy) and reinstall and see if that helps.

  • Duplicate or conflicted files, possibly resulting from sharing/syncing between two computers. If this is the problem, I don’t know why you would be able to open the project one way but not another. Anyway, see for links to discussion of this and how to deal with it. For more background, search the forums for “conflicted”.

  • Presence of “templateinfo.xml” file. This one seems unlikely if you aren’t getting an error message, but you may want to try it.
    Using File Explorer or My Computer, drill into the project’s .scriv folder, then down into its Settings subfolder. If a “templateinfo.xml” file is present, delete it. For background on this, see viewtopic.php?f=30&t=27551&start=0&hilit=error+reading+template

  • Think I recall that Scrivener can import one project into another… and that doing so may have been discussed as a possible repair technique.

  • Can also search the forums for “repair”.

If not, perhaps can zip the project and email it to the Scrivener folks for them to take a look at, per the instructions at

Hope that is of some help.

Thanks. I deleted templateinfo.xml and that did the trick. The template in question was my own and I’d recently updated it, so there must have been a reference in the image data in the XML file to the template itself, although I thought the XML file was solely there for creating a new template from the scrivx. Even so, that doesn’t explain why it loaded from Explorer and not Scrivener, unless the reference is relative to where the call originates.