"Recent Projects" and "Open Recent" perpetually empty

This is a puzzle to me - I’ve been using Scrivener on a Mac laptop since 2013 and I can’t remember the last time there was anything listed under “Recent Projects” once Scrivener is open, or under “Open Recent” on the app start-up screen.

It’s not usually a problem - I look for my current work under “Favourite Projects”, or just navigate to the spot in Dropbox where (I hope) it lives. The other day, however, I had trouble finding some work and I could have used the help from the “Recent Projects” drop-down tab before I went on safari amidst the iCloud jungle hunting for a backup.

Can anyone suggest why it is I’m not able to have anything recorded in my “Recent Projects” or “Open Recent” boxes? Is it a flaw in my installation of Scrivener, or in the maintenance of my neural pathways?

I’m running Scrivener 3 (3.1.5, to be exact) on a MacBook Pro with Catalina 10.15.2.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

It could be that at some point years ago you set up your Mac to not list recent applications and documents. It is a setting found in the General System Preferences pane, towards the very bottom. You may find once setting that to a higher number, that your menus are instantly populated with entries. I recall it doesn’t actually ever turn off, but merely sets how much you see.

Thank you very much Amber - you were spot on! Problem solved! :smiley: