'Recent projects' button on opening

Scrivener now seems to have a dialogue box at the back that offers three choices: Create a new project, Open an existing project, and Open the interactive tutorial.

It would be great if ‘Open a recent project’ were also here - it’s my most used menu button.

I tried ‘Open an existing project’, but it requires me to navigate through folders to find my projects, whereas ‘Open a recent project’ goes straight to the right file.

You can just use the FIle -> Recent Projects menu option.

Or configure Scrivener to open the last opened project automatically :slight_smile:

I do use File/Recent Projects.

It’s not always the last project I want - I use Scrivener for a variety of regular jobs.

There will be a Recent Projects button in 2.0. I didn’t really think it necessary as it is already in the File menu, and the start panel is really there so that new users aren’t confused.

Grand so.

Even old users get confused sometimes… it never occurred to me that I could still use the file menu when the start panel comes up :blush: