Recent Projects Disappeared

I opened Scrivener 2 this morning like every morning only to find there were no projects in my Open Recent. I used Spotlight to find all my projects, but they are not showing up in Scrivener. It was the same when I quit Scrivener and opened it again after working on my most recent project.
I’m using Scrivener 2.9 and Mac OS 10.11.6, the most up-to-date OS I can use on my old Mac.

They all appeared the next day. I have no idea why. If someone does, please let me know in case it happens again.

Thank you for using Scrivener.

One possible cause of the behavior that you observed is that you actually have two copies of Scrivener installed, with different Recent Project histories, and you inadvertently opened the “wrong” one. You can check for this situation by looking in your Applications folder.

The Recent Projects menu is actually managed by Mac OS, not by Scrivener itself, and it can be cleared by system updates and a variety of other circumstances. It’s always a good idea to know where your projects are actually stored, so that you can navigate to them directly if the menu is unreliable for any reason.