Recent Projects / Open Recent don't work

This is a small matter, an oddity, but it seems I can’t get “Recent Projects” (the menu item) or “Open Recent” (the button) to show anything but “Clear Menu.”

I have Scrivener on both my iMac and my Macbook Pro. Many projects going on. The iMac version lists the most recent as it’s supposed to. On the Macbook Pro, nothing (nothing but “Clear Menu,” that is).

I’ve looked all through Preferences and can find nothing that seems to appy. A minor annoyance, to be sure–I can live with the “Recent” function. But this shouldn’t be happening, should it?

The number of recent projects shown is actually controlled by a Mac setting, not Scrivener. Check the number of “Recent Items” set in the General pane of System Preferences.

That number is set for 10. But again, I get zero Recent Projects in Scrivener (on my Macbook Pro, that is–works fine on the iMac).

Try removing the com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2.LSSharedFileList.plist file from your preferences folder, it could be jammed. If you are unsure of how to get there, use the “Reveal Support Folder in Finder” command from the main Scrivener menu, and then hit Cmd-UpArrow twice. You should see your Preferences folder here.

You can leave the other scrivener2 plist file alone, that one has your settings.

I’m afraid trashing the preference file didn’t work. Nothing seems to work. Ultimately I went so far as to trash Scrivener completely, incl. application support and all preferences. I ran Recovery disk tools, emptied caches, restarted. Nada. As I said, I can live without the feature–it’s the only one I’ve had trouble with. Anyway, thanks.