Recent Projects Option when opening Scrivener

I’m running Scrivener 1.5.7 on Windows and have the options set to Open Recent Projects on Scrivener launch.

When I have multiple projects open – Project-1, Project-2, Project-4. I close them individually so that Project-2 is the last to close. My assumption is that when I reopen Scrivener, Project-2 will be the project opened. Instead Project-3 may open automatically – one that wasn’t part of my previous editing session!

It’s not a big thing but is there a logic behind the Open Recent Projects option?



Try leaving Project-2 open, and then choose File->Exit. When you re-open Scrivener, it should re-open the project(s) which were open when you exited the program. I think what’s going on (and which also seems like a bug) is that you once exited scrivener with Project-3 still open. Since you aren’t leaving any other projects open when you exit scrivener, it’s re-opening 3.


Thanks for the quick reply. That’s exactly what’s happening – although if I exit Scrivener with Project-2 and Project-3 still open, then restart Scrivener it only opens Project-2 which was the last one opened in the previous session.

It would be useful if Scrivener reopened both Project-2 and Project-3 but not the end of the world.


I think most of the current behavior are bugs. When you close all projects, the “reopen projects on startup” setting should still just bring up the template chooser window. When you leave one or more projects open when you exit scrivener, all of the open projects should re-open. That’s according the the behavior of the Mac version. At least some of this behavior has been acknowledged as a bug in the Windows version, and so should be fixed in a future release.

The way this works in Windows now is that the most recently opened document will reopen on program launch if that setting is enabled in options. This isn’t affected by what projects are open when the program is closed. I’m not sure how you could have achieved a state whereby a project that was never opened during a session was automatically opened on the following launch unless all the items before it in the Recent Projects list were moved/renamed or otherwise made in accessible so that Scrivener defaulted to the next project in the list. E.g. If you have session 1 and open project A, then project B and then exit Scrivener, when you launch for session 2, project B will open. If you exit Scrivener and trash project B from your drive before launching session 3, Scrivener will not be able to find and open it, so it will move on to the next most recent project and launch project A.

This is the way it’s always worked on Windows, but as Robert indicated, we’ve made a note to change the handling to match the Mac behaviour, where the determining factor is what projects are open when the program is closed, and in that case if multiple projects are open when the program is quit, all will reopen on relaunch. The original difference in behaviours I expect came about because of a different traditional program behaviour for this type of application–the default behaviour on Windows for a program like Scrivener is for the program to close when the last window (project) is closed, whereas on a Mac the program always stays running until you explicitly quit it.