Recent projects

Is there any preference where you can add extra ‘recent projects’? The default isn’t quite enough for me, since I’m using Scrivener for a bunch of different publications.

Doesn’t look like it. I checked the plist and the only relevant thing I saw was the NSRecentDocumentRecords array which holds the aliases to the files themselves. No “hidden” preference for adding entries. If all you use is Scrivener, maybe the system level recent documents would be better? You can manually boost that in Appearance System Prefs. Max is 50.

Hm. I don’t really like the thought of boosting it at a system level - every app would then save its 50 most recent pages? Sounds cluttered.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear, that only controls the system level recent documents menu. It’s under the Apple menu. Like I said, that isn’t terribly useful if you use a dozen applications all of the time, but if Scrivener is your main app, chances are it will be filled with Scrivener projects. I boost that up to 30 ordinarily, and cut out the servers and applications lists.

Where would I find that configuration? I wouldn’t mind cutting out the servers and maybe actually starting to use that menu. (Didn’t even know it was there!)

System Preferences/Appearances/Somewhere-in-the-middle.

Perfect, thanks! Now to find the right number so the list is most useful. And try to remember to actually use it.

and it won’t boost up web stuff and all that too? Thanks for this - great tip.

…though alas it didn’t work. Alas, I have a maximum of 10 ‘recent projects’ still after doing this.