Recent Scrivener documents in app expose gone


I used to be able to swipe down with four fingers on my mac trackpad and see all currently open scrivener documents as well as a row of recently opened documents below them (this is called app expose, I think). Now when i swipe down, I only see currently open documents – no row of recently opened docs. Does anyone know how to get this back? I had this problem once before and now I don’t remember what I did to fix it.

The problem reappeared when I accidentally dragged the scrivener icon out of my dock. When I put it back, I no longer get recent documents in expose.


I suspect that removing the icon from the Dock cleared the Recent Projects list: the one associated with the icon, not Scrivener’s internal list. You may need to wait for it to repopulate itself.

You can also see the list by right-clicking (two-finger click) on the Dock icon. If you do that, is the list blank?


Thanks, yes, this fixed itself as soon as I had opened and closed a few documents.