Recent Windows upgrade knocked out Scrivener, recovery of project (s)

Recently (12/24/21) Windows updated to 10.0 .19042, and not out Scrivener (1) and several other programs, I had to reenter my user license, and my projects were no longer listed it’s I also found out I could download Scrivener 3 so went ahead and did that. Luckily, I had my projects on my mobile units, so I did not panic too much. I was able to use the most recent backup file, default is under a TEMP file but for some reason mine had changed. I found it by doing a search of the (C:) Drive for project’s name, found the zip file and extracted it. From Scrivener 3 it was simply a matter of going in an opening the project off that address, opening the files until the Scrivener Icon for the project was accepted
1)Open up File Explorer
2)Select This PC
3)Select OS (C:) under Devices and drives
4)In the upper right screen search box, Enter your (ProjectName).bak, without the ()
5)Click the search arrow, go get a cup of coffee while it searches.
6Right click the most recent .bak up file and extract all
7)Copy the unzipped file location [right click, check Properties, highlight and copy Location address]
8)Open Scrivener3, select FileOpen
9)Use the up arrow next to search box several times to clear the search box
10)Paste the project’s unzipped location into the search box, hit the right arrow
11)Open the file (YourProject).scriv
12)Open (YourProject) file with the Scrivener Icon
13)Scrivener 3 will ask if you want to update the file, click yes, one or two clilks more and you should be good to go.