Recipe template issue with imported web pages (1.0.3)

So I’ve got a recipe project that was started as a blank Mac 2.0 recipe template. I’ve got a bunch of things online that I’m trying to import as web pages. I can do so only into “Research” but when I try to move them to the proper heading, the selection is grayed out. Also, I can’t drag and drop the file into the proper place. Bug or feature?

Unfortunate side effect? The recipes are all actually in the Draft folder (renamed Recipes), so only text files can go up there. In the Mac version you can convert webpages to text, so although it’s not as instantaneous as might be nice, you can import to Resources or wherever outside the Recipes folder itself and then convert to text and move it to the proper location. On Windows the webpage import is a bit different, but if you import as plain text, you should be able to move it to the proper location.

Alternatively, create a new “Recipes” folder, so it’s not secretly the Draft, and then drag all the folders in the current Recipes folder into the new one, so you’re able to put any kind of file there you want. This probably won’t make a whole lot of difference to your regular working in the project–it will affect compile, so you’ll need to create a collection from the new Recipes folder (which will then be a flat list, so you’ll lose the indentation and so forth of the default compile settings–although if you’re working from an older project, it might not have the updated compile settings anyhow, though you could always create a new recipe project and save them from there) or else drag stuff back into the Draft folder when you want to compile, and of course non-text items won’t be compilable in any case. Also the project search for “in Draft” wouldn’t provide any meaningful limitation to you if the recipes are all outside of the Draft, but I’d guess that’s minor in most cases.

Gotcha. :slight_smile: