Recolour multiple keywords selection with the same colour not working

I’ve followed the instructions for selecting multiple keywords in the project keywords panel, and tried to assign the same colour to all those selected by clicking in the colour chooser, but I cannot get it to work. The colour for the first keyword in the selection is the only one that changes. I followed the instructions in ‘Changing Keywords Globally’ of the manual, but no joy. Is there a trick or hidden key sequence to this?
Thanks and regards

There isn’t a way to change a group of keywords to all use the same colour together like that. It may not have been clear, but the manual was merely suggesting that one needn’t open and close the colour palette over and over if you wish to change a number of keywords at once.

However it wouldn’t be hard to change several to the same colour. In the Mac Colour Palette, drag the preview of the colour from the large rectangle in the lower left into one of the smaller squares in the grid to the right, and drop. This will store the colour as a preset.

Now, without closing the colour palette, double click on the next keyword in the list. The panel will change to reflect it’s original colour, but all you have to do is click on the preset. Double-click on the next, and continue.

Thanks Amber. I was doing the click the single keyword in the list and then click the colour palette. The manual seemed to indicate it was possible to select multiple keywords, but, okay, it’s not. I just have a lot of keywords, (especially useful when displaying just the colour chips in the outliner column for keywords), now that I’ve found how useful they are.

Thanks again for your help.


I do agree with you that the description can be easily misconstrued. What I meant to convey is that with the panel left open you can merely select the keyword line and change the colour with a click, rather having to double-click the colour chip when switching. I’ve reworded it a bit for better clarity.

But yes, definitely! In projects with lots of keyword groupings, I will use the same approach as well, of using the same colour for similar types of keywords.