Recommend Stardock 'Groupy' for Scriveners


Thank you so much for confirming! I’ll download the trial tomorrow.


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I had to put them into the group manually, but it was easy. Just hold it over the tab set and it’ll join. Do the opposite to pull it out-- just like merging tabs with your browser. On my set up, I told it to only do it if I’m pressing “CTRL” so that I don’t accidently add anything. But it was easy to do.

Here’s what I do on a Mac. Maybe it’s close to what you mean. First the ordinary Dock.

Next (continuing at the right), is a folder with Scrivener projects:

The next three icons are a folder full of “writing” app shortcuts, then a folder of rarely used app shortcuts, a “utilities” folder, then two more file folders (Downloads and Trash).

You get the idea. Can’t Windows do this?

Sure. But it’s still additional steps. With the tab-bar thingy, it’s already open, no waiting. You know right where it is, just click it and you’re there. Get your answer and click again, and you’re back in Scrivener.

I like it, that’s all I’m saying. Maybe it works for you, maybe it doesn’t. I just thought I’d tell people about it if they want to give it a try.

In fact, it just occurred to me that I can put this forum page in the tab-group and it’ll be there too.



The Dock is already open, no waiting, too (and it hides until I reach for it).

Well then, clearly this isn’t the solution for you.

Groupy seems to work well with other apps, but it’s not playing nicely with Scrivener. Or rather, it would be more fair to say that Scrivener’s not playing nicely with Groupy, specifically in regards to Quick Ref panels and Comp Mode.

There’s a long-time Windows Scriv bug, from beta days, where launching Comp Mode on the main editor will arbitrarily reposition open Quick Ref windows. Unfortunately, a side effect of this bug is that Groupy Quick Ref groupings are broken when Comp Mode is launched.

My workaround for the Scriv bug has been to enable Window > Float Quick Ref Panels. For whatever reason, when this is enabled, Comp Mode no longer repositions the Quick Ref windows. BUT, when I enable that setting, Groupy no longer allows me to group Quick Ref panels! :exploding_head: A lose-lose situation.

So my Scrivener use case is broken. But I still might purchase Groupy, as tabbing Excel spreadsheets would be very handy. Thanks again, John, for the recommendation.


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I’m not sure what you’re doing that doesn’t allow the Quick Ref panels to group with groupy. When I tried it, I was able to group two of them with minimal effort. And I’m no expert in either program :slight_smile: I have my groupy set to require me holding the CTRL key as I put them into the group. Doubt that has anything to do with it, but just saying for completeness. I pressed CTRL, dragged the Quick Ref by the titlebar, and dropped it in place on the tab-bar and voila-- Bob’s your uncle, as they say. I did a couple of them, which is how I got the screenshot. I did have to drop them over an unused portion of the tab-bar. It wouldn’t let me drop them on top of a tab.

Is what you see in the screenshot I posted earlier the result that you’re looking for? If not, can you explain what you want, or what it’s not doing a little better?

What is “Comp Mode” ??


UPDATE: Here’s the screen shot again:

I’m enabling the Scrivener setting Window > Float Quick Ref Panels. If you can group Quick Ref Panels with that setting enabled, please let me know!

Sorry, that’s Composition Mode!


No, what’s in the screenshot isn’t really what I’m looking to do.

The screenshot contains what appears to be a grouping of Scriv main window + Quick Ref panels, and what I want to do is create a group consisting of only Quick Ref panels. It’s fine if I have to this manually, by dragging and dropping them onto each other. In fact, grouping them manually is preferred, because I’ll want to create separate groups of Quick Ref panels. (I have multiple monitors, and would dock two groups of Quick Ref panels side-by-side.)

Unfortunately, when I have Window > Float Quick Ref Panels enabled, I cannot drag and drop Quick Ref panels onto each other to group them manually. Apparently Groupy stops recognizing them for grouping at that point. If I disable Window > Float Quick Ref Panels, then Groupy will group them, but due to the Comp Mode bug I need that setting enabled.


Is this what you want? Notice this is a separate group, apart from Scrivener which is in the background, in a different group.

What is ‘Comp Mode’ ??

How about this?

Here are three separate tab groups. The first one has Scrivener and the Browser Tabs in it. The Second and Third are independent groups with just Quick Ref tabs. I am able to move any of the groups to any of my monitors without issue. Is this what you’re wanting?

Hi John,

Yes, all that you’re showing would be perfect.


Are you able to group Quick Ref panels when you’ve enabled the Scrivener setting Window > Float Quick Ref Panels?

That setting is what’s driving my issue.

So, as a test…

  1. Ungroup your Quick Ref panels
  2. Enable the Scrivener setting Window > Float Quick Ref Panels
  3. Group your Quick Ref panels

Thank you for trying this.


Yes, you are correct, that doesn’t work when the Window->Float setting is on.

Just for my edification, what is the difference? Why does it matter?

There’s a long-time Windows Scriv bug, from beta days, where launching Composition Mode on the main editor will arbitrarily reposition open Quick Ref windows.

My workaround for the Scriv bug has been to enable Window > Float Quick Ref Panels. For whatever reason, when this setting is enabled, Comp Mode no longer repositions the Quick Ref windows.

I have dual monitors, and a frequent setup I use is Comp Mode in the left monitor and Quick Ref panels with research and notes on the right monitor. I must keep Window > Float Quick Ref Panels enabled for this setup to work, otherwise every time I launch Comp Mode the Quick Ref panels get moved around.

It’s lame, but it is what it is. My assumption is this must be a tricky or impossible bug to fix, otherwise it would have been fixed long ago.

Now I see what you’re talking about. Yes, when I turned on Composition Mode it pulled everything out of the tabs, including Scrivener itself. According to what I read in Groupy as I was setting it up, it doesn’t work with any “titlebar” that isn’t normal/regular windows. I presume when they are in that mode, they are writing raw windows.

In my case, it doesn’t affect me since I never use Comp Mode.


Thanks for confirming, John.

Discussing this with you inspired me to file a bug report, in case the beta bug never made it to the current list. :sunglasses:


Cool! Thanks for the opportunity to help. Sorry it didn’t work out the way we hoped, but maybe the bug report will resolve the issue.

As nearly a month has passed, just wanted to say that Groupy has turned out to be a really useful tool . I purchased it and use it every day. Thanks again, John for the recommendation!

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for saying so!

You’re very welcome. I continue to use it every day myself. I love having the thesaurus and “scrivener-dedicated” google page grouped together. It makes it so easy to use.

As a complete aside, and having nothing to do with Scrivener, I also use StarDock’s “Fences” module on my laptop and really like the way it gets my desktop icons under control. But since that is off-topic for Scrivener, that’s all I’ll say about it here.