Recommendation Networking

Do you know agents, editors, publishers, or other writers to whom you might recommend Scrivener?

  • Yes
  • Yes, and I intend to do so
  • Yes. I have done so and will continue to do so
  • I’m a writer for godsake. I sit in a room all day. I don’t actually KNOW anyone!

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Like the 380 other members of this forum, I am a huge Scrivener fan. It’s made a wonderful difference in my life. I write better (I actually write), I write more professionally (I look forward to writing every day), and I write more efficiently (the pages I get under my cyberbelt every session have dramatically increased). Because I’m more productive, I’m happier. Also my wife is happier, my agent is happier, my editor is happier, and my publisher is happier. Because they’re happier, it’s probably a fair guess that the people around them have more opportunities to be happier as well.

These are all positive outcomes. The world needs more positive outcomes.

It seemed like a good idea, therefore, to spread the word to people who spread the word. I asked my agent how many of her clients she thought might be Mac heads. She figured maybe forty to fifty percent. I asked my editor and publisher how many of their authors might be Mac heads. They figured maybe a third (it’s a big house, so that’s a lot of heads).

So I decided to make strong recommendations to both my agent and editor/publisher that they, in turn, let their authors know about Scrivener. My editor (she’s the senior editor with the house) happens to be a Mac user. She’s agreed to download the program and give it a look. If she likes what she sees (how could she not?), she’ll pass the tip along to writers she collaborates with. My agent isn’t a Mac user (we have friendly ongoing platform snipes), but she too is letting her authors know about Scriv.

How many of us in this forum have networks – of agents, editors, publishers, readers, and other writers – through which we might spread the word?

Seems like an easy way to promote more positive outcomes. And the world needs more positive outcomes.

Best to you all,


Great idea, Tim. I’ll post a message to a big nonfiction listserv I belong to.