Recommendations wanted for books about how to use Scrivener

I’m an experienced Scrivener (for Windows) user, and have perhaps rashly agreed to give an online workshop for writers who would like to get to grips with it. There will be MacOS users there too, and I’d love to be able to recommend a few books that will help them to make the most of it. I know there’s all the L&L support, but it’s often easier to learn coherently using a book.

I have Scrivener for Dummies, but it seems the last edition was 2012, and there have been lots of changes since then, especially for Windows.

Are there any other books that forum users would recommend?

Many thanks!

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We maintain a list of books about Scrivener here:

I’m not sure how recently these have been updated, though. Be sure to check for yourself before recommending to your class.


Definitely recommend Mastering Scrivener 3 by Antoni Dol. He is also an active member of these forums for additional questions.


Oh, that’s great, kewms - I didn’t know about that. Thanks so much.

Thank you, Scriptdoctor. I’ll have a look at that. I would like to read up a bit on differences between Windows and MacOS. I’ll certainly be recommending students to come here to the forums for more detailed help than I can provide.