Recommended FTP-Client?

Since I switched to the Mac and banned my old PC from my desk, my website gets more and more out of date, because in the moment I don’t have access to it, lacking an ftp-client.

Every now and then I study descriptions of ftp-software, but somehow it stop again after a while and cannot decide.

Has anybody any recommendation for (or against) specific applications?

Any hints welcome. Thanks in advance.

I have been using Transmit for many years now:

It’s not that cheap, but a very nice piece of software.

Although I haven’t used it myself so can’t comment directly, my husband says he likes Cyberduck:

Transmit is the best FTP app on the Mac, bar none. It’s not free, but it’s really not that expensive either, and worth every penny. (I’ve been using it since it was first released for OS9, and nothing I’ve seen or tried in those ten years has even come close.)

Cyberduck is probably the best if you don’t want to pay, though.

PS: if you’re looking for a complete integrated website solution you may want to look at CODA, by the same people who make Transmit. It uploads using the Transmit engine, and also features a text editor, CSS editor, browser preview, terminal and reference ebooks for HTML and CSS.

ForkLift is actually nice as well. Features a built in FTP client, application deleter, and uses the “dual-pane” view. It’s about the same price as Transmit.

CODA looks amazing, but I think I’ll be keeping Cyberduck around even if I purchase CODA. Cyberduck has been a mainstay on my system since 2004 and has been a loyal servant.

Another vote for Transmit…

Can’t agree more … have been using Transmit since OS-X came out – I used Fetch under OS8+ and OS9 – and Transmit is worth every penny.

When my wife got a MacBook, I set her up with Cyberduck and she seems happy enough with that … but it’s Transmit for me all the way. I also use Speed Download for software downloads, but although it will also work as an FTP client for uploading, I just prefer Transmit; it’s interface is brilliant and so much better for uploading, and Speed Download doesn’t seem to do any better on uploads in terms of transfer rate and time taken.


Thank you all!

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Speaks to himself: [color=darkblue]Hmm. Seems easy. Only good applications. Only thing to decide whether I want to spend money or not… Hmmmmm.

Disappears in the dark background of the stage, still mumbling, still undecided…



Late as always, I add my vote. It is for good old fashioned Fetch, which is for nothing and works reliably and fast, has got many more options now as compared to the Classic times. I started with Fetch when I did not know where my homepage travel would head to and I did not want to spend any money. Now that I know I need such an app frequently I still do not feel that I need something else.

Transmit looks nicer though… And the solution in combination with Coda as well.


You might also want to give YummyFTP a look. A lot of the “new in version 3!” features for Transmit are ripped straight from this app. :slight_smile: Both have different characters though; you have to try them out to see which one you’ll like. YummyFTP feels more like CyberDuck to me, but without the instability.

As a long time WS-FTP (windows) user, I was disappointed (and still am) with Transmit which I’ve been using for about 2 years. Most of its features I felt annoying but I’ve soldiered on because I couldn’t find much of anything else.

However, I’ve just tried YummyFTP (thanks Amber!) and it’s much closer to WS-FTP (which I still prefer, sigh) and I find it a lot easier to use than Transmit. I’m changing over to Yummy.

That was my impression of Transmit, too. I just didn’t like the interface, and the features seemed awfully flaky to me. YummyFTP on the other hand is very solid, and I make extensive use of its watched folders and droplets. Saves a lot of time to just have folders where you save stuff and know precisely where they will end up, all without even opening the FTP client. I have my droplets and bookmarks all indexed in LaunchBar, so sending files and opening FTP sites is lightning quick. I like how droplets also act as directory specific bookmarks if you try to open them by themselves.

The tool I miss is Gentoo, which I used in my Linux days. It was a file manager like Finder, but you could attach FTP sessions to it and treat them just like your disk for all intents and purposes.


ForkLift comes close to Gentoo in that regard. You should give it a spin.

Robert, thank you for reminding me about Forklift. I downloaded it about a week ago, and then I got all caught up in a bunch of things and didn’t have time to really get in to it. What I saw did look good though. Now that you mention it can do FTP like Gentoo, I’m definitely going to look at it more seriously this time. I downloaded it from a source that didn’t think to mention that! I see it does integrated zip archive browsing too. That is another thing I miss about Gentoo.

ForkLift can be a little clunky (compared to Path Finder) on certain things but overall is much nicer IMO. I think 1.1 is due out in a few weeks and seems to promise even more features. Definitely worth testing for sure.

I feel I should say something in Transmit’s defence, now :wink: I’ve never found it to be flaky - quite the opposite, which is my main problem with other FTP apps I’ve tried - and the interface is perfectly Mac-like. Transmit was designed to feel like the Finder in use, and does just that in my experience. Intuitive drag and drop, path bookmarks specific to connections, contextual option menus… I think the main difference may be simply between those of us who are somewhat technical (Amber, you’re clearly comfortable in the command line and with things like Subversion) and those of us who are ‘just’ users (that would be me, then…)

I’ve never used WS-ftp, so I can’t speak to that, but I’m amused to see that the latest version of Yummy appears to have gained several features - such as droplets and route sending - which first appeared in Transmit. People in glass houses… :wink:

I support what Antony says to the end. I find Transmit totally intuitive, totally stable … not easy to use? I find that impossible to believe.

According to sources quoted on the OmniWeb forum, Panic is the most ripped-off company on the Mac: it’s technologies, it’s UI, even the Transmit icon have been ripped off by other companies.


Yet another vote for Transmit. I use it to download magazine pages and upload edits from a very remote server, and it does it with no involvement on my part other than drag and drop from Their stuff to My stuff. I neither know nor care how it works; it just works.