Recover accidentally deleted work

I’ve been working on this 5000 word essay since February and was trying to compile it to send to my editor… However, I had two problems caused by my ignorance. First, a couple of my tiles in my binder were blank. When I deleted a top one, I lost my all of my work that is in my desending sections (Introduction, Part I, Part 2, Conclusion).
I did not notice any warning–just two clicks and it all was gone. Is there anything I can do to recover my work?
I really like your program but am feeling pretty stupid right now…
Welcome any help you may be able to provide.
Thank you,
Sherrod Bumgardner

Look in the internal Scrivener Trash folder, usually at the bottom of the binder. It’s all there.

Thank you. I’ve looked and, unfortunately it isn’t in the trash. I have some backup files from just before the deletion, but I can’t get Scrivener 3 --which is what I wrote the paper in --to open them. I’ve given permission to the folders and all and can’t recover them yet. Appreciate your reply.

They may be .zip archives, in which case, you’ll need to double-click on the backup in the Finder to get it to un-compress it. Then, when you open it, you’ll need to do a File->Save As to create a new copy of that backup and put it somewhere like your Documents folder; editing a project inside the backups folder is not recommended except when you’re just trying to examine the contents of various backups.

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