Recover deleted projects from a database


I copied my scrivener project on a external hard drive before a mac update. Unfortunately, I don’t know why but the file copied himself as an “alias” and I don’t have the original anymore.

Does anyone know if “Literature and Latte” have access to scrivener projects that are created and saved on a computer ? Like a database or something. As it is saved throught a specific license.

Im very desperate so if anyone may have any idea it would be very appreciated, thanks in advance!

Ouch. L&L have no access to any projects you create. Are you using Scrivener’s backup feature? You may find there are zips of your work somewhere.

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Literature and Latte certainly do not keep copies of your files.

Hopefully you have secured standard Scrivener backups somewhere.

If not, … It’s a pity that you don’t mention you have a TimeMachine (or equivalent) backup of your machine to enable an easy restore. Failing that, as the files were not properly copied to the other disk, I can’t think of anything.

It’s quite surprising that a “mac update” would destroy your data. Just upgrading the macOS won’t do that normally. You must have done a destructive upgrade, e.g. deleting everything before upgrading.

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Nicolas, have you searched your drives for that file specifically or for .scriv files in general? It or they may be somewhere unexpected. Also, you should search—as rms suggested—for your backup files. The naming convention is {filename} for the earliest backup, and {filename}-bak{#}.zip for each successive backup. Searching for {filename}-bak should find them all. There should be as many backup files saved as you have set in Preferences > Backup. So, if you have it set to ‘Only keep (5) most recent backups’, the highest numbered backup will be {filename}, and so on: n-1, where n is the ‘Only keep’ number. The default is higher than that, I think; I lowered mine but don’t recall the default setting.

Good luck!


Unfortunately the backups was saved on the drive that was erased. It’s forever lost I believe… Thanks all for your replies!