'Recovered Files'

I’ve just upgraded to the latest version, without a problem. However, now, I have this folder that says ‘_Recovered Files’, in the binder… but I don’t want it there. I can put it in the trash if I want, but anytime I reopen the scrivener file, it reappears. It didn’t do that with the version 1.03 I had before.

How can I make that stop?


This means that at some point your project got slightly corrupt. At some point, some files were deleted from the binder but the underlying documents within the .scriv file didn’t get properly deleted from disk for some reason. Given that the underlying files are given ID numbers, once they are deleted from the binder the ID numbers can get reused. This means that when you create a new document, if the ID it is assigned matches an underlying file in the .scriv file that should have been deleted but was not, you could find that your “new” document contained the text of a document you thought you had deleted.

Thus, in 1.10, when Scrivener launches, it checks for these underlying files and places them in a _Recovered Files folder if any are found. This means that you can deal with them and afterwards be sure that there are no problems with your project.

Once you have dealt with it, though, it shouldn’t keep reappearing, so I’m not sure why that is happening. Each time it reappears, does it have the same documents inside it or different documents? Are you emptying the trash?

This is my theory: somehow, the underlying files have had their permissions changed by the file system at some point, so that you do not have permission to delete them. (The problem here, though, is that Scrivener should issue an error if any files refuse to be deleted.) Thus, you place them in the trash, empty the trash so that they get deleted from the binder, but they still don’t get emptied from the underlying file system. So, when you go to open the file again, they reappear.

If this is what is going, you can try the following:

  1. Close and reopen the project if it is open, otherwise just open it.
  2. Go through all the documents in the _Recovered Files folder. At the top of each one, type “RECOVERED FILE!!!” or some such. This is just so that you will know it is a file you want to get rid of in the next step. Do the same in the Notes pane and Synopsis.
  3. Close the project.
  4. In the Finder, ctrl-click on the project and select “Show Package Contents”.
  5. Make sure you have details/list view selected in the Finder and sort by Date Modified (descending).
  6. The RTFD files have internal numbers, but Step 5 above should have placed the files you want to delete at the top of the Finder as they are the ones you most recently modified (note that some other files will appear above them, such as binderStrings.xml, binder.scrivproj etc).
  7. Open up the RTFD, _notes.RTFD and _synopis.TXT files at the top of the Finder in TextEdit. If a file has “RECOVERED FILE!!!” or whatever you typed in step 2 at the top of it, you know it is one you want to delete. So, move it to the Trash.
  8. Once you have trashed all of the files inside the .scriv project that were in the _Recovered Files folder, reopen the project. Check through the files in the _Recovered Files folder. They should now be empty.
  9. Trash the _Recovered Files folder and empty the trash in Scrivener.
  10. Close and reopen the project. All should now be good.

Long-winded, I know, but it should work. I would very much appreciate it if you would check the permissions of the RTFD files that were not being deleted to see if that was the issue and let me know. Like I say, Scrivener should spew a message in this case, but it may be that OS X has a bug where it does notify properly in certain circumstances…

Best regards,

I’m getting completly mixed up here. lol. I followed your steps; I did up to step 5, but then I couldn’t really see the files for step 6+. (As I played around with my files a lot earlier, all those were getting listed… as ‘Today’…But the only files that had the current time was ‘ui.xml, ‘QuickLook’ folder, BinderStrings.xml, and binder.scrivproj’)

So I went back in the project, I deleted the file again, closed the project, came back in, and it’s gone. …weird. But thanks :smiley: hehe.