Recovering a deleted built-in formatting preset

I accidentally deleted a built-in formatting preset. At least I think I did. I was deleting those I created and no longer needed, and I think I ended up deleting a built-in one. In case I want to get it back, what would I do. These are ones I see in the drop-down list now:

Block quote
Essay block quote (preseved)

Did I delete any built-in formatting presets?

Yes, you’re missing a couple of them. If you deleted it recently, and use Time Machine, you should be able to restore the formatting preset file. This file is ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Styles.plist. Navigate to that spot, select the file, and run Time Machine to get prior versions of it. If you never created your own custom styles or altered the built-ins, then you can just delete that file while Scrivener is closed, and it should revert to the defaults when you next launch.