Recovering a project

Greetings All, I haphazardly deleted a project and recovered it through my on-line back-up. All the files are recovered but something is not lining up. The docs are not showing up in the Scriv Project although they are available in the same folder (Files, Settings, Snapshots).
When I try and import them, I get this message - “Cannot import files from within currant project” .
Any advice would be most welcome, and I hope you and yours are finding moments of peace and respite during these unusual times.

Have you tried restoring from one of Scrivener’s automatic backups? It may retain the structure better.

To restore a backup, open Scrivener and go to the Backup pane under Tools > Options… , then click on the “Open backup folder…” button. Copy the zip files to a new location on your hard disk, such as your desktop or a specially created directory, and don’t try to open them or unzip them in their current location.

When you have copied your backups to a safe location, unzip the backup with the latest date before the accidental deletion and extract the contents (by right-clicking on the zip file and selecting “Extract All”). Then you can open the project by double clicking on the .scrivx file inside the .scriv folder.

You can read more about restoring backups in section 6.11.4 of the user guide (available via Help > Scrivener Manual).

Thanks so much - I will give this a go!