recovering accidentally erased files - need 10 files

In the process of upgrading a corrupted OS, I accidentally lost a .scriv file. I have recovery software called Data Rescue by Prosoft engineering, but they do not support recovery for .scriv files at this point. They are apparently willing to create a template for recovering .scriv files, but they need at least 10 robust files to find a pattern. I’m in the process of working on my first .scriv doc (thankfully, I at least have an older version of the doc), so I only have 3 to contribute (including the FAQ and Tutorial files). Has anyone over at literature and latte created enough sample files to fulfill this quota? If you have enough files you can either send them to me at

Also, a related question- are the various text files in a draft saved in .rtf? Is there a way to search for them separately, or are they actually compressed/compiled into a .scriv file? I hoping that perhaps they still exist somewhere on my drive, or that there is another way for data rescue to find them.



One way would be to go to File > New and create some files from the templates there (assuming you have the Extras installed - you can install them from the Extras Installer on the DMG file). The templates are all pre-made projects. You can also check out the Usage Scenarios forum for templates submitted by users. At the moment I’m on holiday in Cornwall with a slow internet connection so I can’t send you any pre-made ones myself, though if you poke me in a week or so I might be able to throw some together.

You can look inside a .scriv file by ctrl-clicking on it in the Finder and selecting “Show Package Contents”. You will see that the content is saved as RTFD files and TXT files (for synopses). There are some XML files for the UI state and export settings, and a binder.scrivproj which is a binary archived file that contains data about the binder structure.

Hope that helps.
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