Recovering Scapple files

I am wondering if it should happen that a Scapple doc should become corrupted, can it be dug around in to pull out rtfs the same way it can be done in a Scrivener project?

I’m on Windows Scapple v1.2.6.0. This answer probably also applies to Mac Scapple, but it might not.

No, at least not Windows Scapple. Scapple doesn’t use rtf, it uses xml.

If you make a copy of a .scap file (for safety) and open the copy with a text editor (e.g. Notepad), you’ll see that it’s just an xml file. The data in the xml file are instructions telling Scapple what shapes to draw, where to draw them, how to color them, how to connect them, what text to put inside them, etc. It’s very readable.

What do you mean by corrupted? Does Scapple crash?

Obviously, this is what backups are for, but the fact that you’ve posted the question tells me you haven’t been making backups. (My process is to make a copy of the .scap file at the end of every .scap session, so I end up with lots of files looking like MyScapfile v01.scap, MyScapfile v02.scap, etc.)

One thing you might try is make copies of your “corrupted” .scap file and a “normal” .scap file (one that still works). Open both copies with a text editor and compare them. There’s a slim chance that maybe you’ll spot something in the “corrupted” file that you can repair, like the header information at the start of the file.


If you’re suddenly having trouble accessing a Scapple file that was working until recently, please email us if you are willing to send us the file to take a look at.

I am having no troubles. I was curious what might be the case. Thanks.