Recovering two years of Scrivener files

“Lost files” .scriv, .scrivx, OSX 11.6, Scrivener 2.8

I have two older Mac computers that use OSX 11.6 (not upgradable). I have routinely kept all my files in Dropbox for at least seven years. I have just moved from my MacPro to my MacBookPro after the MacPro quit. All my Scrivener files after April 2017 are not on my MacBook file display (using FILE/OPEN command). I can still “see” the files in a Dropbox window (directly accessed from my browser) but cannot load them into Scrivener. I have created 2 new test files in Scrivener from the MacBook and they are visible and available (so far). How do I recover my files after April 2017?

This is more of a general Dropbox usage tip, but you can grab whole folders (which Scrivener projects technically are). Using the Dropbox web site, you need to select and download the entire folder ending in “.scriv”. It will send it to you as a .zip file to speed up the transfer. Your browser may unzip it for you on delivery, but if not, double-click the download in Finder to extract the project, and then drag it somewhere better than Downloads, for safekeeping.