recovery from hard drive failure

I’m in the middle of trying to put pieces back together from complete hard drive failure early yesterday.

Using a disk utility tool I was able to find the .scriv folder and copied the folder with all of the available files, which I then transfered onto a secondary computer. I have no idea whether any files are missing; some of the files appear to be functional and some not.

The second computer recognizes the project but does not associate any of the files included in the folder, so the project appears as blank. When I try and open binder.scrivproj, Scrivener doesn’t recognize this file.

Could you give me some idea of what files within the .scriv folder are critical to make a project function correctly, so that I can go hunting around in the now defunct drive? Is there a way to repair the binder.svrivproj file if it is corrupted? Is there any obvious difficulty in porting from one computer to another that I might not be aware of?

Thanks for your help, this is a wonderful program.

The binder.scrivproj is the main file (you can’t open it directly with Scrivener as it is an internal file - Scrivener looks for it only when it opens the .scriv file). It sounds as if that file is corrupt. Also, though, check to make sure that none of the files have been made read-only by mistake. There’s no real way to un-corrupt the .scrivproj file, though, I’m afraid.