Recovery of text from old version

I’m in deep kaka and don’t know exactly how it happened. I finished the first draft of my novel (version 1), then saved it as version 2 and began making changes to scenes and adding notes and synopses while working in the outline view (yes, I’m a plotter). After working two days in outline mode on project version 2, I looked at a chapter and then a scene (each scene is a document), only to find nothing but the title. The document had no words. same for all the scenes.
So, version 1 has the original words in the docs and version 2 has the chapter and scene title revisions, the reordered but empty docs, and many notes and synopses not in Version 1.
How to fix it? Should I start again on version 2, or is there a way to combine it or some other fix?

As per your description (it’s unfortunate) I’d open both project side by side, each in their version of the software, then meticulously copy/paste from V1 to V3.

Grab the text from V1, paste it to its matching file in V3.
(There is no V2, by the way.)

But, before you do that, confirm that in those files the wordcount is really 0

If you get a word count, perhaps your text ended up for some reason the same (white?) as your background.
If that is the case ( :sunglasses: ) select the text and change it to the default color.

Are you using any form of “cloud” service?

Do you know where Scrivener’s automatic backups are?

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