Recreate scrivener file from synced rtf backups?

I’ve done something stupid (not quite sure how). And I’ve lost my .scriv file.

I have no idea how - I was trying to find a way to backit up to dropbox or something. Anyway I’ve searched and searched and can’t find it.

But… I did sync my script to a folder on dropbox - so I have a load of .rtf files.

My question is this: What do you think is the best way to try and re-create my script. I’ve tried creating a new script and syncing to that folder but it won’t let me…

Advice VERY gratefully received… (Thank god I’d synced the script or I’d be weeping into my coffee right now!)


OMG - I forgot that scrivener takes backups…

I just opened up scrivener went to the backup folder and… Praise be to the scrivener techies there’s a number of backups.

I’m glad you’ve got it sorted! Backups can be very reassuring…

For future reference, please note these fairly commonsense guidelines when using Scrivener with Dropbox: [url]]. Following these guidelines should save you from a similar panic in the future.