Recto and verso appear switched

I was working with setting up recto/verso pages for a print book, but the output was coming out opposite from what I expected. So, when I set up headers and footers for the recto pages (in the Page Settings tab of Compile) they were showing up on the left-hand pages instead of the right. The verso settings showed up on the right-hand pages.

The mixup was also in play when I chose to start a new section on a recto page in the Section Layout settings on the compile Formatting tab. Instead of new chapters starting on a right-hand page, they started on a left-hand page. Thanks!

This might be stating the obvious, but bear in mind that the first page is considered a recto page - could that be the source of the problem?
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It should have been obvious, but it wasn’t. Sorry! :blush: My confusion was because I was looking at it in Adobe Reader, where the first page starts on the left, but, of course, a printer will begin with a right-hand page. head desk Thanks!

Ha, glad that was an easy one to solve. :slight_smile: