Recurring agreement window

I recently upgraded both to a MacBook Pro and to Lion. I’m working my way through the learning curve, which at times seems pretty steep. Scrivener carried over when my data was transferred from my MacBook.

Now, when I try to do certain things not related to Scrivener, such as attach a file to an email, the Scrivener TOS/agree/disagree window comes up. When this happens, Scrivener isn’t even running. 'No matter what I click on, not only does the window not go away, it duplicates. I can agree or disagree over and over, eject the window, drag it to the trash, use command-delete, drag the icon to the hard drive – nothing makes the windows go away. I just accumulate a stack of them. If I move one, another appears beneath it. If I delete one, another pops up. Think of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and you’ll get the idea. The only way I can get out of it is to shut down the entire computer, restart, and avoid doing things I know to set it off, such as sending an attachment.

I am not having a problem with any other program. Please, can someone help? Thank you.

Do you mean the EULA agreement? If so, that isn’t even built into Scrivener itself and only appears when you first open the disk image from which you install Scrivener. So if you are seeing this a lot then it suggests that you haven’t installed Scrivener properly - make sure you click “Agree”, then drag Scrivener to your Applications folder as per the instructions, then eject the disk image, and then make sure that whenever you run Scrivener you are running the actual application from the Applications folder. If you see a message about Scrivener not being installed in the Applications folder, then you know you haven’t installed it properly yet.

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