"Recursive" disable include enclosing group option

Hi Scrivener Team,

According to the manual, disabling the Include enclosing group in combined scrivenings option will not show the folder text entry at the top from the Scrivenings session.

It works as advertised indeed. However, it does show all the folder entries downwards on the same tree branch.

Would you consider to add an option to disable them all recursively? This would be equivalent to have a text-only Scrivenings session (no folders).

Looking forwards to your thoughts on the matter,

Hmm, that’s a tricky one when you consider that we already have an alternate group view mode (applicable to Scrivenings as well) where you can load only those things that are included in compile in the editor. So to find “room” for another alternate entirely is tough, and I don’t think folding these two together makes much sense either.

Excuse me, AmberV, but I’m not sure I understand you correctly…

Do you mean I can have a Scrivenings session which just shows me those documents with “Include in Compile” set to yes? How do I do that? :confused:

Not yet, that’s a planned feature. That is what I’m saying, we already have an alternate loading mode planned, where you can load a group view with only included items, so having a second alternate that excludes folders could be messy.

Ahaaa! 8) But you forgot to say “planned” the first time :laughing:

Of course that approach is much better! I’ll look forward to it.

I did forget to say planned, sorry for the confusion. :slight_smile:

Can you blame Ioa for the slip-up? He lives in the future, where the next version of Scrivener exists, meat is grown in vats, and robots rule the world. The occasional dropped participle is excusable while he works to save humanity, or to make himself a place among our metal overlords.

I fixed it for you.

Well yeah; what would the point be of growing vat-meat made from animals?

Especially for vegans…

Really? So this forum is kind of a wormhole for Ioa?

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Ioa only uses his future self’s knowledge to provide sustenance for himself (and those very close to him) and to further unknown research. I’m afraid he will likely not provide an answer. Or he might. He’s like that…

That’s a trick question. Nobody will be playing at the Brazil Soccer World Cup.

Sorry, I’ll rephrase… :wink:

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