recursive status stamps

I have a folder of stories for an autobiography and I’d like to mark all the folders and the files inside them as TODO. I can open all folders and select all and mark them, of course, but is it possible to mark the folder and ahve all the newly created files inside of it marked as TODO by default? As in “recursive status stamps”?
Basically I want everything (including newly added texts) to be in a TODO until I mark it otherwise.

You can’t do that in the binder. Tou’ll have to use the View->Outline->Expand All menu, then select everything and right-click to update all the statuses in your project.

But you can change the default status for all new files in your project by going to the Project->Project Settings->Status List window, clicking on the TODO status, and then clicking the “Make Default” button.

However, if you are using (or want to use) the document templates feature, you should also set that document template’s status to TODO, as that file is already created with a status, and creating from a template just copies all of that template’s settings.