red bar between words

I am using scrivener 2.8 on Mac and have just ran into an issue. I admit that I am someone who just wants to write and not have to study how a software functions for years before I can use it. also I have bought scrivener 3.0 on my new Mac but as I couldn’t get my prior work in. I’m back to using my older Mac with scrivener 2.8.
Question: I have just run into a issue, a red thick perpendicular line has just appeared between the words in my document. why? and how do I get rid of it? I’m beginning to think it would be better to go back to writing in word for Mac. I’m not seeing this fantastic tool that everyone is raving about.

Scrivener is pretty amazing and very useful to many. It does require a bit of time to even get started as it’s so different from many other writing tools. And upgrading from one machine to another–changes in hardware and software–requires some skills and knowledge that don’t come automatically.

At minimum, go through the tutorial. But at the end of the day, use Word if you are happy with it and can’t take the time or energy to go with Scrivener.

You’ve not given enough info about what you did to try and fail to get old work in, nor what the red bar looks like, so unless someone can figure that out or you provide more information, hard to help.