Red circle with bar

If you click on the question mark on the initial page that opens up it will turn into a red circle with a horizontal bar that will not allow you to click on anything else and you will need to close the application and reopen to click on anything else.

Hi, Shawneda,

To get to the Tutorial, you first need to create a new project (or open an existing one if you already have some). Once you have that project window open, you can select Help>Open Tutorial and create the Tutorial project.

It’s a little awkward, but it’s probably to do with following the Mac version–only on the Mac, you get the whole menu bar even when you don’t have a project open, so you can go straight to the Help menu when you start Scrivener.


thanks didn’t see a response until after I edited it and found the tutorial now too late to read but will be on my list of must dos for tomorrow. Thanks I was ready to cry because it seemed the best writing software like Storyist and Scrivener were MAC only forever until I found out that Scrivener were going to be coming to PC I was happy. I still want the epub and .mobi publishing options offered by Storyist but the organizational components by far are what I need most that word just doesn’t provide. From the research I did Scrivener provides such organization. Looking forward to discovering it’s abilities tomorrow! Well later today.

Glad you found it. Maybe the reply will be useful to someone else. :wink:

Mobi and ePub are planned features for the Windows Scrivener, never fear!