Red 'DONE' stamp automaticallyappears on new cards[NOTED]

Thanks for developing Scrivener for Windows.
I’ve only just downloaded it.
I started a new project (a fiction novel) and took a look at the corkboard. Right away, the first two cards on the corkboard (Title Page and Chapter) had the word DONE stamped in red diagonally across them.
Yet I had done nothing to them.
Is this a bug?

Thanks for reading this!

It might be, you’ve got “Done” set as your default status stamp. :slight_smile: Open the Inspector if it isn’t already (Ctrl-Shift-I), and flip down the Status menu. You should see an “Edit” command at the bottom of this menu, click that. Is “Done” set in bold? If so, try selecting “No Status” and then clicking the “Make Default” button, then “OK”. You can fix the two other items by selecting them in the Binder and choosing “No Status” in the inspector.

Thank you Amber V. It worked! :smiley: Very happy.

Thanks from me as well; I’ve been trying to work out why all mine were N/A as default; really looking for them to be unlabelled so I can do it myself.

We’ll make sure all of these are cleaned up in the final template and starter projects for final release.

Personally, I set all of mine to default to a “To-Do” status.

Then as I finish a scene, i flip it to one i created called “NaNo Draft.” That way i know once NaNo is done, I can keep it separate from a draft where i have gone back through and done editing etc.

The great part though is like AmberV said, you can change the default and make your own. So whatever works best for your workflow is possible.

I set my default to “[BUG LOGGED]” :slight_smile:

That might be the equivalent of some of my “NaNo Drafts” though no need to get into semantics quite yet :wink: