Red, dotted lines under words although autocorrection is turned off

I have turned off autocorrection in Scrivener and in MacOS (10.13.3, High Sierra), and yet, the annoying dotted lines keep appearing beneath quite a few words in Scrivener, unpredictably and unsystematically. This does not happen in any other applications such as Pages or Word. Any suggestions?

Just a guess … you may be writing in US English, but have the spell checker is UK English.

Autocorrection, I would also suppose, would mean automatically changing “teh” to “the”, rather than doing a spell check.

You may need to disable check spelling, instead of autocorrect.

Just my two cents.

A more experienced member should be here to help anytime now.

Cheers – ZG

Thanks! Think I’ve found the solution. Somewhat counterintuitively, the spell check has to be turned off, not in Preferences, but in the Edit menu. And it seems as if it has to be done for every document, not once and for all. Slightly cumbersome, but it appears to work. I write in several languages and often use unusual words, so standardised spell checks are not for me.

Thanks. I updated to 3.0.2 today and found it wasn’t check spelling despite it being on in Preferences. I agree, it’s cumbersome to have to remember to do this with every document.