Red underline in misspellings dont always work?

How come that some of my misspellings don’t show a red underline? They are blatantly obvious misspellings, but many times they won’t be underlined while -just down the sentence - another misspelling will be underlined?

The OS X spell-checking system only underlines newly misspelled words. If you come back to a document with misspellings in it, it assumes you are fine with them and doesn’t underline them unless you choose Check Spelling from the Edit > Spelling and Grammar menu.

SHIT!!!SHIT!!!SHIT!!! that means that all the stuff I write isn`t just rubbish, ist biddly spalt raddish!!!

Spelling is highly overrated in some circles.

Arr! Butt witch sircles? :open_mouth:

Apparently the ones we frequent.

Present company of scriverati excepted of course.

Under the table, spelling is much less a concern than what did you bring to drink?

Here Jaysen, you need your xmas hat in order to get more shine