Redefine paragraph style from selection (line spacing)

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or maybe I don’t understand how styles is supposed to work.
I define my styles and write many text sections using a few different styles. Then I decide I want to change one of the styles. I highlight a paragraph, change font size and line spacing and use “Redefine paragraph style from selection.” My expectation is that all of the sections using this style will be updated to the redefined style. Is my understanding correct? Or should I be changing the style in the entire document in a different way?

The font size is updating but the line spacing is not - maybe it’s just a bug.
I was able to make the line spacing smaller but not bigger.

When I write new text the redefined style is correct, but the previously written text has not been updated (with the new line spacing).

I’ve seen several manifestations of this (or a related) bug. Here, for instance: