Redemption Link not working!!

I bought Scapple a week ago and I have not been able to install it!! I received the email with the License Code and the redemption link but when i try to use it it only tells me that there is a problem with the License and asks to try again (which I have done numerous times!!). I really think that I should be getting a response a lot faster because I already paid and I want to use it. Not being able to register or download or obtain my License Number becomes kind of bothersome. Could anybody help me here!! I received an email saying that I should expect delays…would 7 days sounds right to be waiting for a response???


Please don’t think you’re alone. I bought Scrivener 7 days ago also. I also received an activation code that only got me to an error message page like the one you got. I’ve email’d support, six times no less. All it’s gotten me is one canned response that simply repeated the same instructions I’ve been following all along. Today I went on line and looked up the support requests I’ve filed and found the one reply I just described and three more that simply said “closed”. I’ve no idea what happened to the other two.

If I were you I wouldn’t hold your breath for useful support.

I love the software… so much so that I foolishly did several days work converting to Scrivener, but now I might not be able to access it when my “Free Trial” (you know the ‘free’ one I paid for) expires.

I’m sorry both of you had some trouble getting the StackSocial links working, but glad to see from our support records that you’ve been able to get everything up and running since the initial issue. We were closed over the Christmas holidays, hence the delay in the January email; I’m not sure what went wrong in the second case that caused some of our replies not to be received, but it all worked out happily in the end. Thanks for purchasing!

(For anyone else experiencing a problem getting a reply from support, please be sure that our responses aren’t going into your spam/junk folder and whitelist the “” and “” domains to help ensure our replies get to you. If you’re still hearing crickets, PM a moderator on the forum to let us know so we can check up on it and try another way to reach you.)