"Redo" does not function


The “Redo” (ie Repeat) function does not work in my Scrivener constellation. Neither corresponding buttons in the format bar, command on the menu bar nor shortcut STRG+Y.

All corresponding buttons and command are greyed out.

For example, after formatting one word in bold letters, I would like to repeat it with a second word as well.

But after doing so and marking the second word, the “Redo” remains dead rsp greyed-out.

What is the problem?

Thanks & regards


Hi Sil,
“Undo & Redo (Ctrl-Z & Ctrl-Y) Undoes or redoes the last change. Undo and Redo work
mainly for edits made to text, but they do work for some basic outlining changes
too, where that change does not cause the current document to change in the editor.
Each document has its own Undo history, which means you can easily go back to
another document and revert changes independently of other documents.” Quote from the manual. The Redo is not a repeat facility like the one in word. Ask for this in the wish list if you think it neccessary.

Undo and Redo have the standard functionality, so what you’re looking for is a different command altogether. Format > Text > Copy Ruler and Paste Ruler will copy and paste paragraph settings; Format > Font > Copy Font and Paste Font will copy and paste character formatting, like bold, text colour, and font and size. Each of these has a default shortcut (I’m not on Windows at the moment so I won’t try to remember what they are, but it’s listed beside the command in the menu) and you can change the shortcuts in the Keyboard tab of Tools > Options if you wish.

Thanks to all,

Since I work with the German version, it takes some time to find the corresponding english options.

@ MimeticMouton: Thanks, this is the function I mostly needed for formatting text. In MS Word, there is a specific button available for this. Would be great to have it in Scrivener as well. In the meantime, I can live with the shortcuts.

@shass: Thanks for your explanation. The Undo function (Ctrl+Z) does work, the Redo function (CTRL+Y) however never does, no matter what I did before. It always remains greyed-out.

I already tried to change the shortcut (CTRL+Y) into another one, but the redo simply won’t work.

Could you give a step-by-step example of what you’re trying that isn’t enabling the Redo action appropriately? That could help us determine if this is just a matter of ensuring the focus is placed correctly or if there is a bug somewhere we need to fix. Thanks!