Redoing switching of a view


when I work with split windows many times I do the following unintended action:

  • select a different item from the binder
  • forgot to activate the other (appropriate) window
  • unintended content is displayed
  • need to find the “right” file again, to undo this action.

Ok, it’s my fault …
… An undo- and redo-option for views would be nice :wink:

If you have the header view for your documents visible (View->Layout->Show Header View), then just click on the left arrow (there are two buttons to the left of the document title: back and forward history navigation). You can also just use the menu (View->Go To->…)

And finally, if you know you are going to be working on a document for a while, and have no intention of changing the document in that pane, you can lock the editor to the document (View->Editor->Lock in Place). You can also click on the document icon in the header view and select Lock in Place from that pop-up menu.

Nice !

Thanks a lot :wink:

Additionally, you might want to look at the Binder Affects options in the View menu, if you always want your binder clicks to load in a specific split regardless of which has focus. So for instance if you’re moving back and forth between the document you’re drafting, in the left split, and various documents for reference in the right, you might set the binder to always affect the right split, thus even if the left split is active, when you select your next reference document it will automatically load on the right.

Also very useful :wink: