Redraw weirdness

I don’t know how to describe this except that a single line gets duplicated across the entire text window when I scroll to the very bottom of the window, then click the up arrow. Each duplicated line gets blurrier. The actual text is not affected, it’s only what appears on the screen. It cleared up when I scrolled up and back down again. This only happened during one session. It did this three times until I rebooted the computer. It’s possibly related to the fact that I ran Midnight Mansion beforehand.

Ironically, my novel’s working title is “echoes.”


This is the OS X text system’s infamous “text smear”. Or at least, that’s what I call it. It is a bug in Apple’s text system, which Scrivener uses to render text, unfortunately. I have managed to recreate this in TextEdit. It seems to happen more often in Scrivener, because of the more complicated window set-up, but it’s definitely an Apple bug and not specific to Scrivener.

Thanks for reporting bugs!

Thanks for clarifying. I concur, it doesn’t cause any problems.

And yes, this is easily repeatable. Scroll down to the bottom of a text document and leave the cursor at the very bottom. Quit Scriveners, or just hide it, then go back to Scriveners. Click the text scroll bar and voila, instant smear campaign.

Heh. Yes, I’ve also noticed the smear when adding/deleting blogs in Infinite-Sushi’s Ecto. I thought it was something specific to his implementation and thought ‘that’s weird’ until I saw it again in TextEdit.