Reduce file size after removing images

I have a file with many images that is around 84 MB. I don’t need the images at this stage and I would like to share the file with revisers and translators. I remove the images by erasing them from the folder Research but the size remains the same. On the text I just had calls to the images but not the images themselves, such as: <$img:mortar_72dpi>

How can I have the size of the scrivener file diminish according to the new version without images?


If you removed the images by deleting them, they will be in the trash (in the binder). You need to empty the trash to remove the images from the project and thereby reduce the file size. Assume you have backups of the images…

Linked inline images (stored outside the project) might be useful for your needs.
See section 15.5.3 Linked Inline Images of the user manual: … ual-a4.pdf


Thanks :smiley: